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It's here!  CCHS is very excited to introduce our brand new Volunteer Program, Pet Lovin' People™.  It's time to "Get Your Happy On!" and volunteer at CCHS!  Our volunteer program is completely redesigned and the Pet Lovin' People™ program offers many more ways to become part of our volunteer family.  Pet Lovin' People™ incorporates a team approach to volunteering.  We have 15 new volunteer teams and we welcome volunteers to join one or several teams.  The Pet Lovin' People™ approach allows for opportunities to help directly with the animals or to become involved in other facets of CCHS. 


Our new teams include:

*  Team Dog - hands-on care of our dogs and puppies, cleaning pens and providing fresh food & water

*  Team Cat - hands-on care of our cats and kittens, cleaning cages and providing fresh food and water

*  Team Walk - spending time with our dogs walking them and providing exercise

*  Team Clean - cleaning other areas of the Shelter. Involves sweeping, dusting and mopping.

*  Team Ride - take our dogs and puppies for a car ride!  Provides information if the dogs ride well.

*  Team Therapy - spend quiet time with shy cats and dogs, reading, cuddling or brushing

*  Team Play - spend quality time with dogs or cats providing playtime and physical stimulation

*  Team Follow-up - make contact with adopters to get updates on how things are going with the new pet

*  Team Media - assist with photos/videos of adoptable animals, creative writing, and work with social media

*  Team Outreach - represent CCHS at events, educational presentations, nursing home visits

*  Team Adoption Fair - assist at off-site adoption events with transportation, setting up, cleaning up

*  Team Fundraising - assist at CCHS fundraising events, such as bake sales, Holiday Celebration, dog walk

*  Team Foster Care - provide foster care for pets with special needs, such as newborns or medical cases

*  Team Upkeep - keep CCHS looking great!  Assist with lawn mowing, snow blowing and maintenance

Regardless of the team(s) you wish to sign up for, we are asking for a commitment of your time and talents.  There are perks for joining our Volunteer Family, including our annual Volunteer Appreciation event.

One of the most interesting parts of the new Pet Lovin' People™ program is that we really encourage teamwork.  It's always more fun volunteering with your family and friends, so bring them along!  We even have a new Facebook Group that all volunteers are encouraged to join.  There you will be able to read about what's going on with other volunteers.  Plus, you can post pictures, videos and stories of your experiences as part of the CCHS volunteer family.  It's at  Just click here to go to our new group page for Pet Lovin' People!

Complete details of the Pet Lovin' People™ Volunteer Program will be provided at our Volunteer Orientation, which all new volunteers are asked to attend.  The date of our next Volunteer Orientation will be announced on our Facebook page.  The presentation lasts about 1/2 hour and will provide a history of CCHS as well as a review of the Pet Lovin' People™ teams.  A tour of the Shelter will be provided, and then each volunteer can sign up for the teams that interest them most.  We'll get the appropriate training scheduled right away.  Before you know it, you'll be volunteering and "Getting Your Happy On"!

Thank you for your interest!  We will be in touch soon!

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