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CCHS Position Statements

1)  Giveaways for Commercial Promotion
Clark County Humane Society opposes the practice of contests, raffles, and other forms of companion animal giveaways or lotteries to promote sales by attracting chance or impulse acquisition of companion animals.  Giveaways that result in animals being distributed with no knowledge or control of the persons who will receive them or how and where they will be cared for or treated is inappropriate.

2)  Legislation Banning Specific Breeds
Clark County Humane Society opposes laws that ban individual breeds because they are both unfair and ineffective.  Rather than breed specific laws or ordinances, animal control laws should be enforced that punish irresponsible guardians - people who purposefully encourage or train an animal to be aggressive or through neglectful practices, allow a dog that is dangerous to harm people or property.  CCHS believes that dog guardians must be held fully accountable for any harm or damage that their companion animals do to people, property, or other animals.

3)  Animals as Food at CCHS Functions
Clark County Humane Society feels that part of our duty is to cultivate an awareness of and a respect for the animals who share this world with us.  It has become generally accepted in recent years that companion animals have feelings.  We wish to extend that understanding to animals that are raised, trapped, or slaughtered for food.  We do not feel that it is appropriate for us to serve meat at any official functions of the Clark County Humane Society.  We will instead promote the use of meat substitutes for those who find a transition to meatless meals difficult.

4)  Animal Fighting/Blood Events/Contests
Clark County Humane Society is opposed to any contest, or activities between animals or between humans and animals, that unnecessarily expose both people and animals to stress, pain, injury or death.  CCHS believes that blood sports encourage insensitivity and acceptance of the brutal treatment of animals for entertainment and profit.  CCHS supports legislation which prohibits and penalizes those events.

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