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Outreach Programs

CCHS is pleased to offer several options as part of our Outreach Programs.  

  • Come and visit with us at CCHS!  We are happy to provide tours of our facility including the Shelter and FixaPet areas.  You will get to see and learn about the work being done at the Shelter.  Tours are available for youth groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H Groups, etc.  We also welcome school class tours and can accommodate all ages from Kindergarten through High School.  You'll also get to spend time with the animals as part of the tour!

  • We can come to you!  We are happy to come and visit with your group.  This is especially popular with schools as it eliminates the need for transportation of students.  PowerPoint Presentations are available if you'd like, or we can just talk about what we do at CCHS.  We're happy to bring along a pet (or two!) to visit with the group as well.  

  • Nursing Home/Assisted Living visits are very popular!  We can come to your facility to visit with the residents and bring along some pets for them to spend time with.  Visits usually last for 1-2 hours, depending on what works best for the facility.  

  • Birthday Parties!  We are excited to offer a chance to celebrate a special birthday with the animals here at CCHS!  Reserve our Education Room for your celebration.  We can supply decorations, or you can bring your own.  You are welcome to bring food and refreshments.  We'll supply the dog/kitty love!  

Contact CCHS to arrange for an Outreach Visit!  We'll be happy to provide more information about any of our programs. 


Please get in touch with April, our Director of Outreach, at 715-937-0015 or email her at:

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