Adopting a new pet is one of the most exciting times ever!  Our staff and volunteers will do their very best to help you find just the right match and to ensure the adoption process is as easy and smooth as possible.  Please review the adoption guidelines below.  You may then submit your adoption application online through the links below.  We also have paper applications available at the Shelter, but we encourage you to submit your application online.  This allows our Adoption Committee time to review the application and discuss any questions they may have prior to your visit.  


Due to Covid 19, we are scheduling adoptions by appointment only and do have strict requirements.

  1.  Only one member of the family is allowed to pick up the animal.  That person will have 15 minutes to meet the animal, decide if it is what the family is looking for and complete the paperwork.  The animal will stay in the building, unless it is a large dog with a meet and greet scheduled outside, until the paperwork is complete.  Meaning, the family member entering the building will not be allowed to take that animal outside to meet additional family members that may be in the car.  If the animal is not what you are hoping for, you do not need to adopt but you will not be able to meet any others that you also think you may like.

  2. If you are late for your appointment, you may have to wait until another spot becomes available or come back at another time.  Please be prompt.  The front door will be locked but we will be watching for arrivals.

  3. Medical and microchip information will be in a folder for you to take home.  If you have any questions on what has been done, please send us an email.

  4. If you are adopting a puppy, many will be due for booster shots within a week or two of going home.  Most vets are not doing vaccinations at this time.  While we recommend following vaccination protocol, we also understand that these are trying times for all professions.  If you have concerns about not having a puppy fully vaccinated, do not adopt at this time.

  5. Please put some thought into whether this is a good time to add a pet to your home.  We very much want adoptions to occur but have had several returns in the past week due to the stressful times and challenges presented when training a puppy.  If you do adopt and decide to return, you can receive 50 % of the adoption fee back.  We do not offer a full refund, even if you have the animal for one night.


We are doing our best to keep our staff healthy as we need people here 16 hours a day for animal care.  We will do our best to keep you healthy here, please be considerate of us as well.  If you have traveled outside of the state in the past 14 days or have spent time in Wisconsin where there are a number of Covid 19 cases, please do not come in.  If you are not feeling well, please do not come in.   There are Safer In Place rules for a reason. 

Basic Guidelines


1 - Spaying or neutering will be done prior to adoption.


2 - Cats must leave in a carrier / dogs on a leash with a properly fitted collar.  We do not allow prong collars.


3 - Be sure you can come during our open hours: 12-3 pm Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat


4 - To adopt you must be 18 years or older 


5 - If renting, written landlord permission is required


6 - We do long distance adoptions, but do not ship or transport pets.  At this time, we cannot do out-of-state adoptions.


7 - If you cannot keep your adopted pet, we ask that it be returned to our Shelter.


8 - Processing may take up to 24-48 hours.


Am I approved?


Completed applications are reviewed by our Adoption Committee and the most appropriate home for that particular pet will be chosen. It is not "first come, first served" situation.  All applications will remain on file for 3 months. We try to contact all applicants, but due to limited funding and volunteers, sometimes only the chosen family can be notified (emailed/called).  If you are not notified it doesn't mean your application was not acceptable, it may just mean someone else was chosen from the many applications submitted for that pet.  We want the best matches so these pets are not homeless again. For "high demand" pets, applications pour in, unfortunately only one family can get the pet, so several others will be disappointed. To show you've read our entire process, enter the words "we care" when asked on the application if you have read our process.



Thank you for considering one of our special pets!