"FixaPet" is a low-cost spay/neuter program for cats and dogs.  We are proud to offer this service to anyone with a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered.  The program is open to anyone from anywhere.  There are no limitations!!


Our Mission


Our goal is to help as many people as we can to spay or neuter their dogs, cats, puppies, or kittens.  We truly believe that by offering a low-cost spay/neuter program we will be able to help make a difference in the huge pet overpopulation problem.  We know that by spaying/neutering cats and dogs we will be able to help people keep pets that they could otherwise not afford, and we will also be able to help improve the health of pets that get spayed or neutered. We are convinced that this will finally help us to get the pet overpopulation problem under control. 

We are located in Neillsville, Wisconsin!

Prices are very reasonable!


Prices for the spay/neuter surgery are:

    Cat Neuter  $65.00

    Cat Spay     $65.00

    Dog Neuter  $75.00

    Dog Spay     $95.00

    Rabbit Spay   $65.00

    Rabbit Neuter   $65.00

    Additional Fees:

         Anesthetic fees 

              Over 60#, additional $20.00

              Over 80#, additional $25.00 

              Over 100#, additional $30.00


          $35.00 if inguinal, $45.00 if abdominal

     Pregnant or In heat

          $10.00 additional fee


          $25.00 additional fee

     Dew Claws  (Only done if in addition to spay/neuter surgery)

          $30.00 each if no bone attached (back feet only)

          $50.00 each if bone attached (back feet only)


    Additional services available


We are pleased to offer additional services while your pet is staying with us for spay/neuter surgery.  We are also happy to offer wellness exams and vaccination appointments available to all pets, separate from the surgery appointments. 

For dogs we offer:

Rabies vaccination  $12.00

Distemper only vaccination  $12.00

Leptospirosis only vaccination   $12.00

Distemper/Lepto Combo  $12.00

Lymes vaccination  $20.00 

Bordetella (Kennel cough) vaccination  $10.00

Bloodtest for Heartworm/Lymes/Anaplasmosis/Erlichiosis  $20.00

Deworming (Drontal Plus)  $15.00/pill

Flea and tick treatment (ParaDefense Advanced)  $12.00 per month

Heartworm preventative (Sentinel Spectrum)  $9.00 per month

Bloodwork:  CBC/Chem panels  $50.00   

Fecal test:  $25.00

Urinalysis:  $20.00

Osurnia (ears):  $10.00 each

Claro (ears):  $25.00 each

Tresaderm (ears):  $15.00

Microchipping, includes lifetime registration  $15.00

Exam fee  $10.00 per pet seen

For cats we offer:

Rabies vaccination  $12.00

Distemper vaccination  $12.00

FeLV and FIV bloodtest  $20.00

Feline Leukemia vaccination  $12.00

Deworming (Profender)   $15.00

Flea treatment (ParaDefense Advanced)  $12.00

Bloodwork:  CBC/Chem panels  $50.00

Microchipping, includes lifetime registration  $15.00

Milbemite (ears)  $20.00

Animax (ears)  $10.00

Opthalmic ointment/drops  $15.00

Exam fee  $10.00 per pet seen

For surgery patients we also offer: 

Elizabethan Collars (cones of shame!)  $6.00

Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork  $30.00

Hernia repair (Umbilical)  $25.00

Hernia repair (inguinal)  $75.00

Pain medication is included!

Nail trims are no charge!  

We'll be happy to help you provide the best care possible for your pets!

Number of pets altered through the FixaPet Program
(as of 1/4/2022)

Cat Spays: 6,885

Cat Neuters: 4,409

Dog Spays: 5,612

Dogs Neutered: 5,683

Rabbit Spays:  4

Rabbit Neuters:  7

Total surgeries performed:  22,600

Make an Appointment!


Please click on the link above to schedule a spay/neuter or wellness/vaccination appointment online!  Please contact our FixaPet Appointment Coordinator Heidi if you have any questions.  You may email Heidi at cchs.fixapet@gmail.com.  You may also call her at 715-937-7770 during hours of 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Emergency Contact

Should you have any concerns regarding your pet's recovery or post-surgical care, please contact our FixaPet Staff!  We'll be happy to help.  You may email us or call us. 

Please note this contact is for emergency use only, not for making appointments.  Thank you!


Emergency Phone Number:  715-937-5499