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CCHS receives donations in honor of special people, pets, events and occasions.  They are shared here on our website.  This page is searchable!  Just hit <ctrl> and <f> on your keyboard at the same time.  This will bring up a search box where you can enter the name you are looking for.  If found, that name will then be highlighted on this page.

In Honor of ...

our shelter dog “Baxter” (Karen & Raymond Copeland)

“Charger” adopted from CCHS (Jody Parchim)

“Chopper” (“Bump”) (Michael & Melissa VanOrder)

“Archie” (Stephen & Barbara Cord)


all who make the Clark County Humane Society possible. (Karen Erpenbach)


“Little Heidi” (Vicki Radtke)


“Oscar” my Toy Poodle (Patty Orth)


“Lila’s” birthday (Michael & Bonnie Isaacson)


Harold & Jackie Stange’s Anniversary (Mr and Mrs Joseph Cieslewicz)


our dog “Ammo”, adopted from CCHS (Tiffany Everett)


Pastor Jacoba Koppert for her 30 yrs in the ministry. (Jim J, Jim W and Krissy Filitz)


“Bella Frey” (Tracy Frey)


Corey Anderson and Emily Schreiner (Nathan, Amanda and Olivia Anderson)


David & Sue Poppy (Nathan, Amanda and Olivia Anderson)


Mary & Gary Anderson (Nathan, Amanda and Olivia Anderson)

my 8th Birthday (Kenai Volkman)


our cat “Candy” (Richard & Sarah Kopitzke)


Penny Jake (Barb Shoemaker)


CCHS alumni “Sadie Mae” and “Paige” (James & Jan Holmes)


“Snickers” one of the most loving dogs ever. (Sharon Blume)


Ann Loeb (John Hill)


(“Fernando”) “Fred” (Margaret Webster)


“Foxy” and “Tyson” (Sally Sadowski)


all of the people who make CCHS the wonderful place that it is. (Joe & Elaine Heuer)


“Maud” the talking dog. (Mindy James)


“Zeke” (“Growler”) and “Zach” (“Boulder”)


Joe & Elaine Heuer (Kevin & Peggy Heuer)


Melvin Heuer (Kevin & Peggy Heuer)


Brynja (Bodie Fox)


“Taz” former CCHS residentk, still going strong, active and energetic as ever. (Benjamin Poppy)


“Kit” a bundle of courage. To the simplicity of joy. (Jason Noh)


“Y” and “T”, daddy loves you. (Jason Noh)


Stehpanie Helgeson and Darren Bills for their wedding (Erin Jung)


Adrian Schaefer and all my brothers….with love and wags (Khushi Ohso)


Denise Holbrook (Loralee Petersen)


Harreit Broom’s 70th birthday (Sandy Speich)


“Stitch” (Jason Noh)


“Duke” Marko (Mark & Crystal Marko)


“Molly” fka “Powder” rescued from a puppy mill by CCHS (John & Kristina Birgiolas)

Dr Gregory Rachu (Ray & Sharon Rachu)

“Hudson” (Louis Larson)


the marriage of our friends, George and Victoria (Paul & Amy Kennedy)


“K-9 Roni” (Wisconsin State Patrol, NW Region)


Mother’s Day to Shelby Nauman, from Zeke and Zak (Paula Wilfong)


“Blondie” and “Sweetie” (Caz Zajac)


my adopted cats “Holly” and “Jolly” (Pam Messman Voelker)


Dr Christopher Raasch (Jim Filitz)


Bill & Cathy Heuer’s 25th Wedding Anniversary

     Bob & Deanna Leigh

     Deb & Mike Coon

     Kris, Dan, Sean and Connor Hughes

     Dave & Connie Dugolenski

     Dave, Mary and Erin Baumann

     Carol LeMoine

     Dale Boettcher

     Steve & Sandy Christman

     Paul & Wendy Drexler


“Brody’s” 1st birthday (Rodney Bass and Jessica Ewers-Bass)


my adopted mom, Geri Scharf and her late husband Donald Scharf (anonymous)


Renne Hoynacke (Luke & Stacy Schilling)


Lynn’s retirement (Joe & Elaine Heuer)


Dustin & Jaimie Adamavich (Sue Willhite)


Our boys, CCHS alumni kitty brothers “Zeke” (“Growler”) and “Zach” (“Boulder”) who rescued us in Sept 2012. They

make every day a pleasure. (Vern & Shelby Nauman)


Don & Cindy Griesbach (Sarah Griesbach)


Maryann Treankler (Lynne Frane)


“Taz” former CCHS resident, current loving pet. (Benjamin Poppy)


Phoebe Frey (Tracy Frey)


James & Anne Filitz (Krissy Domm and James Filitz III)


my good friend, Karen Thompson for her dedication to CCHS (Roseanne Heller)


“Roscoe” (Beau Bergman)


Lynn Jankowski’s birthday (Kevin & Peggy Heuer)


Lynn Jankowski’s birthday (Cindy Schecklman)


Ms Lucy Partridge (Dr & Mrs Randy Jones)


“Archie” (Stephen & Barbara Cord)

In honor of Adrian Schaefer and all my brofers.. With love and wags, Khushi Ohso (Ashley Schaefer)

Larry Strangfeld (Jim Filitz)

Gayle Strand (Blake Strand)

Adelyn's birthday (Angela Janowicz)


"Burkie" you're a singular dog! (John & Sue Twigg)


"Jack", "Boo Boo", and "Charlie" (Kristine Reigel)


"Morgan" rescued from MS, adopted from CCHS (Joyce Johnson)


all past, present, and future CCHS Volunteers (Anonymous)


CCHS Volunteers (Mary Ellen and Jim Sjolin)


LaVerne and Elaine Heuer (Peggy and Kevin Heuer)


LaVerne and Elaine Heuer (Lynn Jankowski)


"Marley" our precious rescue (Ron & Karen Wall)


"Vinnie" (Richard & Christine Ziegler)


our daughter Lynn Jankowski (Joe & Elaine Heuer)


"Charlie's" 4th Anniversary with us (John & Janet Wiemann)


our son Dr. Greg Rachu (Ray and Sharon Rachu)


Steve Derk (Gary Johnson)


Lori Fredrick (Diagnostic and Treatment Center)


"Daisy" (Karen Smith)


"Taz", former CCHS resident, current loyal and loving pet (Ben Poppy)


Joe & India, Merry Christmas from the kids and grandkids (Patricia Woodkey)


Gayle Strand (Sandy Strand)


Katie, John and Connor (Meghan Pritzlaff)


"Stitch" (Jason Arack)


Cathy Collar (Jim Filitz)


Fran Gosse (Cathy & Terry Laube)


Jim and M E Sjolin, for all they have done for me (Jim Filitz)


"Archie" Cord's 4th Birthday (Barbara Cord)


my friend Sara Dobyns (Dan Esser)


CCHS Alumni Dogs "Sadie Mae" and "Paige" (James and Jan Marie Holmes)


Stevie and Jon's Birthdays (Cynthia Smith)


Stevie and Jon's Birthdays (Barbara and Timothy James)


"Molly" fka "Powder" a rescued puppy mill dog (Birgiolas Family)


"Dolly's" 2nd Birthday (Mary Crist)


"Pretzel" adopted in Feb 2014 (Krista Salas)


Maria-Christina Jackson and her dedication to caring for dogs (Margaret Jensen)


"Ripley" on the 5th anniversary of his adoption (Scott & Penny)


Dr. Jennifer Nemec for all the work she does for the Clark County Humane Society and for always being there for

our family. (Sandra L Neumann, Phoebe, Tiffany Becker and Samantha Yocious)


Rita Young (Jesse Young)


Avis Suda turning 80 years "young" (Penny Polhemus)


Ruby Marx’s 1st Birthday, 9/15/14 (Jackie and Mike Marx)


Gianna Lawrenz’s Birthday (Aunt Penny and Jenny)


the 60th Wedding Anniversary of Judy and Orlando Ackerman (Janet Quante)


Josh Van Wyhe’s Birthday (Beatriz Coccaro Word)


The Harnisch Family (Erin Harnisch)


“Cotton” my own puppymill survivor (Christine Thieme)


“Burkie” Twiggs (John and Susan Twiggs)


Dr Greg Rachu (Ray and Sharon Rachu)


the best Grand Doggie, “Bailey T. Dog” (Shirley and Paul Jaeger)


Eugene Kroening (Greg Kidwell)


“Daisy” (Karen Smith)


Kay Weirauch and Ruth Clark (Marlene Froegel)

Addison Anderson Ruskin’s 9th Birthday (Sandy Ruskin)


Claiton Anderson Ruskin’s 7th Birthday (Sandy Ruskin)


“Diesel” (Jeff Johnson)

Brayden's 10th  (Heidi & Clint Zank)


the friend Alex lost (Carrie Morrell)


"Chloe" Baggs (Veselin and Elena Drazev)


"Sketti" fka "Wiggles" (Stephanie Hodek)


"Chief" (Laura Polcyn)


"Marshal", adopted 7 years ago (Jessica Upton)


"Ginger" (fka Ebony), adopted from CCHS in 2009.  She has brought much love and many smiles to our family. 

Thanks for bringing us together!   (David Prince)


"Sadie" and "Paige" (James & Jan Holmes)


Bruce and Nadine Lautenschlager (Carol & Ben Witz)


"Taz", former CCHS resident, current loyal and loving pet (Benjamin Poppy)


"Burke" (John and Susan Twiggs)


"Brutus" (Tom & Betty Barr)


The Peden Family - Blaine, Barbara & Mikki (Cheryl & Carol Cutsforth)


Joe & Marge Felser (Kathleen Sherman)

Dr. Gregory Rachu (Ray and Sharon Rachu)

"Pachu" (Diane Baltazor)

John and Kathy Campbell, and Descartes (Kathy Biederwolf and Family)

"Ammo",our pup.  He has been wonderful. (Tiffany Everett)

Our adopted dog "Karmel" (Wayne & Kathy Carlson)


Pearl Vorland's 100th Birthday (Dale & Shirley Majerus)


Donna Vayda's Birthday (Friends and Family of Donna)


Joe Felser's Birthday (Kathleen Sherman)


Addison and Claiton (Anderson Ruskin)


Rita King (Mary & Sharol Hinkelmann)


Pat Struble, a fellow dog lover (Eric, Rachel, Sophie, Macey and Karen Erpenbach)


Craig and JoAnn Blum's 50th Wedding Anniversary (Lon & Lin Klump)

Avis Suda turning 80 years "young" (Penny Polhemus)

"Archie" (Barbara Cord)

"Max" (Margie Bauer)

Ruth Kalnas and "Mitzi" for her dedication to animal welfare (Amy Ronning)

My very special, pretty Calico cat, "Lovey" (Randy Marden)

Benton Wendt (Phyllis Wendt)

"Shebe" and "Tabatha", adopted from CCHS in 2000, our babies. (Jackie Stange)

Our wonderful dog, "Karmel", that we adopted a few years ago. (Wayne and Kathy Carlson)

"Jack" fka "Cuddles", a special needs cat. (Ann Steevens and Jack Kunick)

Carol and Cheryl Cutsforth (Barbara Peden)

Tom and Mary Lee Schneiderhan (Julie and Jim Simon)

"Anna" and "Belle", adopted from CCHS 8/25/12. We dearly love them. (Thor and Marti Sande)

"Daisy" (Karen Smith)

Joe and Margie Felser (Kathleen Sherman)

Jenny Polhemus, the best MAMA ever! (XXOOXO George Elroy)

John and Kathy Campbell (Kathy Biederwolf)

"Foxy" and "Tyson" Sadowska (Sally Sadowska)

Janice Strey

"Inky", adopted June 2011 and doing great in our home. (Chris and Wendy Ferstenou)

Fern Rowe (Charlotte Drescher)

Kay Weirauch and Ruth Clark (Marlene Froegel)

My wonderful parents, Joe and Elaine Heuer. (Lynn Jankowski)

Our adopted cat, "Stripes". (Rob Mader)

"Vaughn", one of three Thanksgiving angels that helped us recover "Pal", fka "Woody". Thank you. (Cliff and Jo Kutzner)

Kay Steinmetz (Alice Pfeiffer)

Nadine Willett, all animals deserve the best care available. (Connie Eichmann)

"Fannnie" adopted in 1996. (Shirlee Moen)

My cat "Meow Meow" a stray kitten 7 years ago. (Myrna Fox)

All the CCHS volunteers. ( JoAnn Wren)

Louise Frank , CCHS volunteer. (Lisa Frank)

Glen and Elsie Jante's 60th Anniversary (LeRoy and Rosemary Mather)

"Cotten" adopted 2 years ago. (Chris Thieme)

Mom, on her birthday. (Gary and Kay Weirauch)

Our daughter, Maria-Christina Jackson (Bob and Corina Jackson)

Paul and Sara Crawford's marriage. (Michael and Rachel Rude)

The Hardesty Kids (Laurie Wozniak)

Chris Nelson (Teresa Rakovec)

"Benton" Wendt (Carl and Phyllis Wendt)

Sydney Alexis Fromhart (Julie Fromhart)

Our latest addition, "Chief". (Laura Polcyn)

"Lily" and "Anna" my two angel dogs straight for God. (Kathryn J Perry)

Everyone at the Shelter who give so much of their themselves for the dogs and cats. (Elaine and Joe Heuer)

Dr Jean Liljegren (Luke, Stacy and "Rex" Schilling)

Dr Ellen Gordon (Rachael Shillman)

Sue and Jude Martell (Peter and Lisa Martell)

My wonderful parents, Elaine and Joe Heuer (Lynn Jankowski)

Stephanie Helgeson and Darren Bills (Capri Helgeson)

Joe and Elaine Heuer (Kevin & Peggy Heuer)

Sue Martell and Jude Martell (Amanda Allman)

Sadie and Martha (Mini Doxies) (Frederick and Lois Kieser)

JoAnn Rehm's Birthday (Pat Struble)


Danny & Maureen Welgos (Pat Melcher)


Happy Holidays to Pat and Ruby (Bernd & JoAnn Rehm)

Amanda & Dominic Gruber, Vince & Jeanie Tichy (Beth Tichy)

The Blaine & Barbara Peden Family (Carol & Cheryl Cutsforth)

In honor of John & Kathy Campbell (Kathy Biederwolf)

In celebration of Chris Wiskershen's Birthday (Jennifer Urquhart)

Lucy (Lucinda) (Mary Bart)

Cheryl Meyer's Birthday (Bob & Jeanne Batten)

Our wonderful dog, "Karmel", that we adopted five years ago. (Wayne & Kathy Carlson)

From The Christmas Cookie Crew

"Charge", "Toby", & "Tyler" who we adopted from CCHS (Roger & Jody Parchim)

Verna & Vilas Thede (Creative Automation, Inc.)

Stacy Schilling (Harlan & Cathy Schnabel)

Penny Jake's Birthday (Sally Sadowska)


"Abby" (Stacie Tollaksen)


"Shadow Malcolm Buelow", adopted in March 2011.  Our pooch has given us many hours of pure joy! (Cal & Jacci Buelow)


Pat Struble's Birthday (Bernd & JoAnn Rehm)


My pets, cats "Rupert" and "Katie" and dog "Cassie" (Jeff Moen)


Nancy Lawrenz readhing the Big 7-0!  So when do you start to look old?!?! (Penny & Jenny Polhemus)


Our daughter, Maria-Christina Jackson (Bob & Corina Jackson)


Kay Weirauch & Ruth Clark (Marlene Froegel)


Mary Ann O'Donahue's Birthday (Leigh Callander)


Corrine Witte & Marlene Froegel (Ruth Clark)


The marriage of Jim & Char (LeRoy & Rose Mather)


My Mom's Birthday, Gayle Strand (Lee Strand)


Dave Missling, our son (Allan & Janis Missling)


"Charger", "Toby" and "Tyler" who we adopted from CCHS. (Jody & Roger Parchim)


Mary Walsh for all she does for the friends in her life, canine and human (The Jacobsens)


JoAnn & Bernd Rehm for taking care of me (Stumpy "Ruby" Schultz)


JoAnn Levy-Rehm - Happy Birthday! (Pat Struble)


Our daughter, Lynn Jankowski (LaVerne & Elaine Heuer)


My brother's cat, "Buddy" (Marie Ryan)

My daughter, Jennifer Anderson-Richmond, animal lover extraordinare! (Diane Anderson)


Providers and staff of Marshfield Clinic Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Dept (Sandra Bump)


Maria-Christina Jackson, a tireless warrior in the growing army of animal rights defenders (Bob & Corina Jackson)


Kay Weirauch and Ruth Clark (Marlene Froegel)


Our dog "Karmel" who we adopted and just love (Wayne & Kathy Carlson)


My Calico cat, "Lovey", born in 2002 (Randy Marden)


Gordin Pulik & Joanne Schultz (Amy & Mark Pulik)


Dr. Thorne and Castlerock Veterinary Hospital for saving Lucky's life. (Kathi Cushman)


Lori Rowe (Charlotte Drescher)


Annette Drescher (Charlotte Drescher)


My pets "Cassie", "Katie" and "Rupert" (Jeff Moen)


"Sheba" our dog and "Tabitha" our cat, who bring us so much joy (Jackie Stange)


Sara Lalicata's birthday (Al, Austin and Nana)


Penny Jake's birthday (Sally Sadowska)


Mary Ann O'Donahue's birthday (Leila Callander)


"Zip", Happy Birthday! (Shirley Tesmer)


Mary Walsh for all she does for the friends in her life, canine and human (The Jacobsens)


"Wiggums" who earned his CGC and TDI (Carol Beyer)


Chuck and Elaine Glassbrenner's 50th Wedding Anniversary (Bill & Ginny Meier)


Dr. Gary for his kindness to "Katie" and all animals (Eleanor Arneson)


Alvera Gottschalk for all the wonderful things she's done for me (Kay Fritsche)


My daughter, Maria-Christina (Bob Jackson)


Our litle "Sassy's" birthday (Shirley Tesmer Familey)


My dear kitty "Swiffer" adopted 2/14/09 (Jean Doty)


ShyAnne who turned 11 years old (Judy Kalepp)


Maddy Rogers "Happy Birthday!" (Friends & Family of Maddy)


The marriage of Heather & Brandon Bodendorfer (Heather & Brandon Bodendorfer)


Dick & Arlene Glinski (Mike & Lois Glinski)


My good friend, Barbara Mueller, who loves all creatures, great and small (Glenda Henning)


Margaret Smith and "Lena" (Marjorie Gabriel)


"Bianca" (Joan Haag)


Ellen Rickard, Tammy Perushek, Deb Mohr, and Diane Diestler (Marlene Froegel)


Our children, Adam and Kay Brubaker (Barry & Margaret Brubaker)


"Ben" that CCHS saved in 1998. (Lee Mueller)


John & Kathy Campbell (Kathy Biederwolf)


Cheryl and Carol Cutsforth (Barb Peden)


Mary Hanley (Floyd & Mary Hanley)


"Harry" now known as "Harriet" and caregiver Jennifer Werner (Steven & Barbara Brommer)


"Shady", a Cairn Terrier/Sharpei and a true blessing (Carol Mroczenski)


All my "grand" cats and dogs (Mary L Nelson)


"Bemis" and "Sammi" our cats. (Frank & Lorraine Rukavena)


"Martha" & "Sadie" - taking over for "Emma" & "Maude", Mini-Dachshunds (Fred & Lois Kieser)


Our CCHS Beagle, "Gurney" (Jeff & Kim Valles)


"Cheddar Chuck" and "Bretta Mae" (Don & Linda Diers)


Patricia White, my sister and dog-sitter (JoAnn Wren)

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