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         FixaPet Post-Surgical Instructions





     *  Watch the incision.  Check each day for redness, swelling or drainage.


     *  Do not let your pet lick the incision!!  Use an e-collar to prevent licking. 

        This is the most important part of the recovery!  Your pet is very good

        at licking when you are at work or sleeping and cannot be watching. 

        Don’t let them fool you!!


   ­  *  Sutures – They will dissolve and do not need to be removed.  Male

        cats do not have sutures. ­


     *  Food/Water – Feed your pet when you get home.  Offer 1/2 of the normal meal. 

        They may have water at any time.  It is especially important for young

         kittens/puppies to eat tonight. 


     *  Keep your pet warm. 


     *  Exercise – Restrict activity for the next 7 days.  Be cautious with stairs. 

        Keep the incision dry for two weeks. 


     *  Pain Meds –  Your pet received an injection of pain medication at the time of

        surgery.  Additional pain medication is being sent home with you; please follow the

        instructions.  It can be started tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.


     *  Tattoo – Your pet has received a small green tattoo near the incision to

         indicate that it has been spayed or neutered.


Please contact us with any concerns or questions.  Thank you!



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