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How to Raise a Blue Heeler Puppy!

Blue and Red Heelers or Australian Cattle Dogs are smart and energetic.  They are a working class breed of dog and respond well to training.  If raised correctly, they can be a loyal and loving part of your family!

1.  Exercise!  Exercise!  Exercise!  These high energy dogs need to wear off their energy.  They were bred to spend long days in the field, keeping livestock in check.  If not a working dog, they need an outlet to let loose that energy.

2.  Heelers have very active minds and are super smart.  Agility training is something they excel at!  Games of fetch are also rewarding for your dog.  Teach him to drop the toy instead of turning it into tug of war.

3.  Teach your Heeler boundaries.  They require firm handling or they will walk all over you.  If you don’t want your Heeler in the kitchen, make him sit outside the entry way.  Most importantly, be consistent!  Do not allow him in the kitchen one day and the next make him stay out.

4.  If you let a Heeler break a rule once, he will break it again.  Smart dog!

5.  Use positive reinforcement for training.  As a working dog, they were bred as partners to people.  Negative training may lead to fear and aggression.  Reward your Heeler when he pays attention, do not punish when being bad.  Redirect his thoughts when he’s doing something you don’t want him to do.  If chewing on something you don’t want him to have, take it away.  If he gives it to you nicely, give him something he can chew on.

6.  Teach your puppy 5 basic commands:  sit, down, stay, come, and leave it.  These 5 firmly trained commands will get you through any situation.   When training, be happy and excited, use treats when command is done correctly.

7.  Socialize your puppy from the start!  Introduce him to as many people, places, animals, sounds, and smells as possible.  He will be well adjusted because of it.

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