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Cat Toys:  Good & Bad


Paper Bags

Plastic Milk Rings

Cardboard Boxes

Ping Pong Balls

Homemade and Sanded Scratching Posts

Old Chair to Claw  on

Window to look out

Carpeted Climbing Cat Tree (Cats like to be high)

Soft Blanket to nap on

Feathers Bought from Pet Store

               (others may have mites)

Laser Pointer (never point near the eyes!)

Grow a small pot of “cat grass”

               (stay away from catnip!)

Small Basket for them to curl up in

Fish Tank to Watch

Cat Videos (featuring Rodents, Birds, and Fish)

Bird Feeder outside to watch birds

A comfy lap to sit on while being petted


Plastic Bags

Rubber Bands and Tooth Picks

Sharp Objects: Tacks, Paper clips, etc.

Yarn / String - Gets stuck on tongue barbs

Cat Doors going Outside

Styrofoam Packing Peanuts


Rat Poison and Mouse Bait or Traps

Aerosol Sprays and Almost All Cleaning Supplies

Warm Engines and Machinery

Toilets (Keep Lids Down)

Burning Candles (Whiskers, Face and Tail can get burned)

Stoves (they may walk across and burn paw pads)

Chocolate or Christmas Tinsel

Dryer and Washing Machine (Cats crawl in & have been killed)

Most Plants (Inside the home and outside)

Lawn Mowers (Hit by flying debris or Run Over)

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