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"We Care!"


Welcome to the Clark County Humane Society!

Located in Neillsville, Wisconsin, we are

proud to be the Premier No-Kill Shelter

in Central Wisconsin!

CCHS is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the care and adoption of cats and dogs. Our goal is to assist the lost,

surrendered, unwanted, and unloved cats and dogs in need of our help.

CCHS has been inspected and licensed by the

Department of Animal Health - DATCP. 

 License #268235-DS. 

Be a part of all the 
great things
happening at CCHS!

​Microchipping is available at CCHS!  For just $15.00 your pet can receive a microchip, tag, and lifetime registration!  Please email us for an appointment at




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This Friday! It's Freeday Friday at the original CC Resale store. It's located at the corner of Hewett and 6th Streets across from the Neillsville Post Office. On Friday, June 7th, from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. absolutely everything is FREE!! Bring your bags, boxes, cars, trucks or buggies and load them up! You're sure to find some amazing stuff, and you can't beat the price! Please stop in!

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Respiratory Disease “Outbreak” in Dogs
What’s the Scoop? 
Clark County Humane Society is aware of the the news stories and social media posts regarding a potential new/severe respiratory disease developing in dogs in the United States. Unfortunately, there has not yet been one official pathogen identified as the culprit in these cases. This means that veterinarians currently do not know if there is truly a new respiratory pathogen affecting dogs in the US or if there is an increase/change in a pathogen that has already been affecting our dogs for years.
Respiratory disease is actually quite prevalent in dogs and has been for a long time. It is often broadly referred to as Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC). CIRDC is a term that encompasses numerous known pathogens that lead to respiratory disease in dogs: canine parainfluenza virus, Bordetella Bronchiseptica, canine respiratory coronavirus, canine pneumovirus, canine influenza virus, Streptococcus zooepidemicus, and Mycoplasma are the most common. Diagnosing one of these specific pathogens can be time consuming and expensive. Thus, treatment is usually started without having a definitive diagnosis. 
What Should Dog Owner’s Watch For?
The most common signs of respiratory disease in dogs are: cough or difficulty breathing, nasal or ocular discharge (clear or colored), lethargy, and decrease in appetite. If you note these signs in your pet, please contact your primary care veterinarian. More advanced respiratory disease, like pneumonia, can develop if initial signs are left untreated or if an animal has an immature or debilitated immune system (usually young or elderly patients, or those with pre-existing lung/heart disease). Please also know that brachycephalic dogs (short-nosed dogs) are at higher risk for more severe effects of respiratory disease given their anatomy. 
What Can Dog Owner’s Do to Protect Their Pets?
Until more information is known, we can provide you with general recommendations: 
Ensure your dog is up to date on vaccinations. Please contact your primary care veterinarian to discuss what vaccines they recommend and what vaccines are currently available for your pet. 
Limit your dogs’ contact with other dogs, especially with dogs of unknown health status. 
Keep your dog away from sick dogs. And if your dog is sick, please keep him/her isolated from other dogs until at least ONE MONTH beyond resolution of signs. 
If you have concerns about the health of your dog, contact your primary care vet promptly. Do not wait for signs to progress.
Should You Worry About Your Pet Being Exposed to a Respiratory Pathogen at Fixapet?
Where there is more than one dog, there is risk. This means that vet clinics, shelters, boarding/grooming facilities, and dog parks are common places where a healthy dog would be likely to come in contact with a sick dog. Clark County Humane Society recognizes this risk and takes significant measures to reduce spread of all infectious disease in cats and dogs that come to our facility:
We monitor our shelter animals closely for any signs of respiratory disease and numerous other illnesses to ensure prompt care of the individual animal and reduce spread of disease to other animals.
We keep shelter animals and owned pets separated.
We do NOT perform surgery on sick animals. 
We have extensive cleaning protocols in place. 
If you have further questions or concerns, please call us or your primary care vet. We want everyone to have a happy, healthy holiday season!


FixaPet is Flourishing!

Our FixaPet Program is doing better than ever!  With over 29,300 surgeries done, we are so happy to be helping so many animals and their families.  Spay/neuter surgeries are available for cats, dogs and rabbits.  We also offer wellness appointments on Mondays and Fridays.  Vaccinations, microchipping, bloodtesting, deworming, flea & tick preventatives, urinalysis and fecal testing, dew claw removal and many other services are available.  Details can be found right here on our website!  Schedule an appointment for your pet today!  


Volunteers needed!

We are looking for more volunteers to help out with the cats and dogs at CCHS!  It's the time of year when spring sports and school activities are kicking in, and things get pretty busy.  But if you've been thinking about helping out at the Shelter, now is the perfect time!  If you'd like to help out a few hours a week, one day a month, or something in-between, we'd love for you to volunteer!  You can fill out the volunteer form right here on our website.   You can also email April at  We'd be delighted to have you join the team at CCHS where you can truly make a difference for cats and dogs in need!

CVT Wanted!












FixaPet is hiring!  We are seeking a full-time Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) to add to our growing staff and expanding programs!  FixaPet is a HQHVSN program sponsored by the Clark County Humane Society in Neillsville, WI.  Since its inception, FixaPet has performed more than 23,000 spay/neuter surgeries.  And we’re just getting started! 


FixaPet is now expanding to add more spay/neuter surgeries each day, provide dental services, increase wellness appointments and vaccinations, and to ensure basic veterinary care.  We are excited about our future, and want you to be a part of it.


Our ideal candidate will be a team player with a positive attitude.  Must be currently licensed in the State of Wisconsin.  Previous CVT experience is required, as well as skills handling dogs and cats.  This position will work closely with our veterinarians and other staff.  Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.  We are looking for professional, friendly interactions with clients, with client education always important.  Attention to detail, efficiency, and organizational skills are a plus.  Compassionate care for patients is of the utmost priority.  Assistance with future plans to pursue Fear Free certification for the clinic is desirable. 


Basic tasks for this CVT position will include performing lab procedures, surgical prep, assisting with anesthesia, monitoring patients, taking vital signs, administering medications, phlebotomy, record keeping, and other duties as assigned.  Ability to stand, walk, stoop, kneel and crouch is needed, as well as ability to carry up to 50 pounds (heavier lifting will always require assistance from another staff member).  As the FixaPet program also provides the care for shelter animals residing at CCHS, a great opportunity also exists for becoming involved with our Shelter Medicine program.  Other duties may be defined as the FixaPet program expands.  We are looking for that special CVT to grow with us.  Ultimately, we are looking for a self-starter and go-getter willing to also take on responsibility for coordinating the surgical day, supervising appointments, being responsible for ordering supplies, utilizing staff to the best of their talents, and making FixaPet the best place to bring pets for their basic care. Our newest CVT will be a key part of our bright future!


At FixaPet we respect a positive work/life balance.  There are no night, weekend, or emergency hours.  Benefits include paid time off, health insurance, continuing education opportunities, professional stipend for license dues and professional memberships, and a beautiful working environment in Central Wisconsin.  While we are searching for a full-time CVT, part-time applicants will also be considered. Beginning pay is $15-25 per hour, depending on experience and efficiency.  We intend to fill this position ASAP.


Please send cover letter, resume and compensation requirements to CVT Job, Clark County Humane Society5, PO Box 127, Neillsville, WI, 54456, or email to

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We are proud to work with these corporate partners and appreciate their support!

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CCHS is located 7.5 miles southeast of Neillsville, WI, on Highway 73

Address:  W3926 State Hwy 73, Neillsville, WI  54456

Mailing address:  PO Box 127, Neillsville, WI  54456

Shelter Phone:  715-743-4550

Shelter Email:

FixaPet Phone:  715-937-7770

FixaPet Email:

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