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Welcome to the
Clark County Humane Society!!
   Located in Neillsville, Wisconsin, we are proud to be 
the Premier No-Kill Shelter in Central Wisconsin!!!

CCHS has been inspected and licensed by the
Department of Animal Health - DATCP.
License #268235-DS. 






"PAWS & CLAWS" Adoption Center 

CCHS will hold it's next "Adopt a Friend" Adoption Fair at the Paws & Claws Adoption Center in the Marshfield Mall on Saturday, January 31st, from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  "Paws & Claws" Adoption Center is located right next to Furniture & ApplianceMart.  We'll have lots of dogs, puppies cats and kittens available for you to meet, including many stray cats from the City of Marshfield!  You just might find a new best friend!  Our special adoption fees have been continued for cats, so all fees are waived on cats over 6 months of age.  What a great deal! 


We are very pleased to offer microchipping for your pet at the Paws & Claws Adoption Center.  The cost is just $15.00 for the microchip, tag, and lifetime registration.  No appointment is needed!  We'll be happy to help anytime we're open on Saturday.


Fabulous pet-themed merchandise is also available at Paws & Claws.  From lovely jewelry to beautiful photo frames to awesome pet furniture, there's something for everybody.  We'll also have lots of information about everything that CCHS has to offer.  Please stop by to visit with us and check out the Paws & Claws Adoption Center!

Paws & Claws Adoption Center in the Marshfield Mall



28 Dogs were rescued from a local puppy mill on Monday, December 1st.  We'll be sharing lots of information about the rescue and the dogs as soon as we can get it all pulled together!  In the mean time, we're getting inquiries on how to help.  Thank you!!  We need everyone's assistance to help these poor little dogs.  There are a couple ways to assist.  We need help caring the for dogs, as an additional 28 dogs require a lot more cleaning.  If you're thinking of volunteering, please email us right away.  We desperately need financial assistance!  All of the dogs will require dental work, grooming, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, bloodtests, etc.  The vet will be assessing the dogs today so then we'll have more details on additional medical conditions.  But any donations are most appreciated and will go directly to their care.  Our paypal button is located below.  Supplies will also be needed, including bleach, pinesol, paper towels, dog food (especially small bites) and canned dog food (pate only).  Again, we'll provide more details as soon as we can.  Thank you for helping!

UPDATE!  The 28 dogs are doing well at CCHS.  Below you can read a story about the puppy mill rescue written by a member of our Rescue Team.  It really gives you a feel for what the rescue was like.  We've posted a lot of pictures from the day of the rescue so that you can see exactly how the day went.  Just click here to go to that page.  We've also posted pictures of the dogs so that you can meet each one.  You can see that page by clicking here.  They have been assessed by the vet and the grooming has begun!  We'll continue to post more pictures and updates throughout the next days and weeks, so keep watching! 


You know, it’s been a while since we’ve been called out to liberate dogs from a puppy mill. Remember them? A few years ago it was in all the papers and online newsfeeds. People were shocked and horrified at the images and stories of where many commercially available (pet store) puppies came from. It was a trending social issue and actually garnered considerable interest from the general public. Enough interest in fact so that people from some States contacted their Representatives and Senators, even wrote letters to the Editors of papers and got the issue into the policy-makers offices. Indeed, in Wisconsin, as the movement to “do something about puppy mills” gathered momentum it became a bandwagon that few politicians could ignore. Eventually a bill or two were formulated and the lengthy process of turning a bill into law was begun. As the legislation wound its way through the various offices, listening sessions, innumerable meetings and the powerful voting bodies of both houses it became apparent that Wisconsin was going to have a law on the books that would deal with puppy mills and all of the ugliness they represented. In fact supporters of that legislation were ecstatic when the bill was passed unanimously and signed by the Governor. Anyone who follows such things knows that a unanimous vote is a rare thing, then or now.


So with that legislation the issue of puppy mills and their horrible conditions and practices slipped out of the public spotlight. People were satisfied that all was well and those awful places would no longer be in business, so they moved on to the next hot button political issues. Once again the public would become complacent under the false assumption that “it’s all been taken care of”. The only problem was that, despite the best efforts of all involved, the business of puppy milling is still alive and well, albeit regulated and reduced to some extent. There is no blame or shame here. Everyone involved gave their best effort to come up with a solution. It just hasn’t been able to eliminate the business of puppy milling in Wisconsin. Better yes, gone no.


So, in the past few days, we found ourselves once again on the way to what we call a rescue, or a liberation, of dogs from a puppy mill. The name and location doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you realize they are still out there. Still running their dirty, cruel businesses with no thought given to the well-being of the very dogs that are making them the money.


 As we loaded our crates, carriers, and all of the necessary handling equipment into the three vehicles, a thousand thoughts raced through the minds of the five rescuers. What would we find upon our arrival? What condition would the dogs be in? Would the owner be hostile? Would the dogs be so scared and unfamiliar with human touch that they would bite? As we continued to load up the gear, including boots, gloves, filtered masks, catch-poles and nets we tried to anticipate and prepare for whatever we might find at the site.


On the very cold, subzero morning, at approximately 9:30 we pulled into the driveway and immediately scanned the collection of buildings trying to determine which one contained the dogs. Usually, there is a deafening, desperate-sounding, collective barking coming from the building that houses the dogs. Today there was none. That was cause for concern. As we approached the building that looked most likely to be housing the dogs, a man appeared from the nearby house. We exchanged pleasantries, commented on the cold and then proceeded on to a small building we had not considered as a possibility. After all, we were there to get up to 30 dogs and this building was approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet long. We should have known better based on past experiences.


We climbed up a ramp and once inside the barking broke out. The frigid cold air outside had opened our nostrils wide and the old familiar smell of puppy mill filth penetrated deeply. The dogs were housed in wooden boxes with cheap wire fronts. The floors were heavy wire grates designed with large enough openings so that dog waste could drop through. We noticed that the piles of dog poop and urine were collecting in pans under each pen. Some of those piles were 3” deep. The poor dogs had nowhere to escape from that smell beneath them. It’s a wonder after years of living in those conditions, that a dog would ever become housebroken, and yet, most do in time after being rescued.


The man was cordial throughout the process. He even reached into each pen, retrieved a dog and handed one to each of the rescuers. As each rescuer held that first dog, the expressions on their faces showed disgust at the urine-soaked, matted coats, the smell from infected gums and feces-matted feet, butts and tails. We won’t go into any more details here. Suffice it to say many of the wounds, injuries and lack of medical care would make you ill to see it or even read about it.  We felt anger at the way the creatures we have dedicated our lives, time and effort to helping, were being allowed to be treated in such a manner that they ended up like this. It truly is enough to make you cry, but you can’t, because we are here today to save them, so that’s what we do, and one by one, the dogs were being delivered into freedom. They knew it too. Despite what they had lived through, the years of horror and neglect, their tails still wagged as we carried them out.


We knew they had a long road ahead of them. We would have to medically assess their needs and treat the wounds. We will have to find a way to restore their damaged personalities and get them used to normal life. We all vowed that this first day of December, would be the first day of their new lives. Lives where they would know what it was to be a dog. Lives where they could learn what clean, warm, well-fed and most of all, loved meant. Each of us knew that once again, although the battle will never end, good had triumphed this day and we had made a difference.





If this true story has moved you in any way, please help us in caring for these poor dogs. Join with us in providing them with everything they need to heal. It does not come cheap. They will need extensive medical care, large amounts of food, drugs, vaccinations, blood-tests and grooming too. Please make a donation to help with their expenses.


Feel free to stop by and visit them, sit with them, talk to them, hold them and let them know, it will be OK. Follow along with us and watch them as they make progress on their journey to find their new loving homes. With your help, we can make it happen for them.



If you want to read more about this or see photos of puppy mill conditions and some of the rescues we have been involved with, please click on “Puppy Mills & Dog Auctions” in the menu on the left side.





Walk Your Dog to help CCHS!

WOOFTRAX is a great new opportunity to help the animals at CCHS, and we're very excited to tell you about it!  You can support CCHS simply by taking a walk with your dog (although you don't have to have a dog to help!).  You can easily install the iPhone or Android app to your phone.  Then every time you go for a walk, Wooftrax will donate to CCHS for each mile you walk.  The more people we have walking for CCHS, the more they'll be able to donate!  It's a great way to help just by taking a walk! 
Simply download and install the free app to your smartphone. The link below will take you to the Wooftrax website.  It will go through a couple of set-up steps.  The most important step is to specify that you are walking for CCHS.  Go into setup and press the "Change" button to change who you are walking for.  Select Wisconsin and then the first Clark County Humane Society listing you see, and save your changes.  The app will automatically default to your location, so it's very, very important to change it to CCHS.  Otherwise we won't get credit!  The app will validate your account through your email.  Clink on the link they send you and you're all set!  You can even upload a picture of your dog that you'll be walking with.  Then when you start walking just press the "Start Walking for..." button and the app will keep track of your walk.  When you stop walking it will be credited to our account.  The more people that walk for CCHS, the higher donation we'll receive!  It's such an easy way to help the animals. 
We all know that walking is good for your health, as well as that of your dog if you have one.  As long as you're walking, you might as well help CCHS! So don't just take your dog for a walk, take your Walk For a Dog!


Michelle Tesmer, CCHS Shelter Manager

Clark County Humane Society is very pleased to announce that Michelle Tesmer has been named Shelter Manager at CCHS.

Michelle has been with CCHS since 2006, and has become an invaluable asset to the Shelter.  She began with CCHS as a volunteer coming to the Shelter to walk dogs every week.  Her love and dedication to the animals was quickly evident.  Michelle then joined the CCHS staff as Volunteer Coordinator and Cat Caregiver in June, 2010.  Her duties and responsibilities continued to expand and she became Assistant Shelter Manager in May, 2012.   

Michelle was born and raised in Abbotsford, graduating from Abbotsford High School.  She then attended UW-Stevens Point where she majored in Mass Communications and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.  Michelle and her family have adopted several pets from CCHS, and she has also shown an affection for reptiles, amphibians, rabbits, etc. 

Michelle will continue her current duties as Volunteer Coordinator while adding many additional responsibilities as she assumes her new role of Shelter Manager.  Staff and management at CCHS are excited that she’ll have some great new ideas for CCHS and everyone looks forward to helping CCHS expand and grow. 

As Michelle takes on her new position as Shelter Manager, Chuck Wegner will also continue in his role as Executive Director of CCHS.  Chuck had served as Shelter Manager for 18 years, and is now able to focus more time on outreach to Shelter members and supporters, fundraising, and spreading the word about CCHS to surrounding communities. 

Michelle’s favorite quote is by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, and states that “A life without a cause is a life without effect”.  Michelle has truly found her calling at CCHS and will be working hard to further her cause of helping animals in need. 


2014 Photo Contest Results!

Best Buddies submitted by Sierra Ryan Wallick

Best Cat "Zeva" submitted by Ruth Witt

Best Other Pet "Angel" submitted by Andrea Ederer

Best Dog "Belle" submitted by Donna Zygarlicke

Our 2014 Photo Contest brought more fabulous entries than ever before!  We were delighted to see so many great pictures, and our judges certainly had a challenging time choosing the winner in each category.  But they managed to select the winners which are shown above.  Each winner will receive a $50.00 first prize.  There were many more photos that received an Honorable Mention, and they are shown on our Facebook page in the Photo Contest Album. We thank everyone who entered our contest and we congratulate our winners.  We'll be announcing the categories for next year's contest a little later, so keep watching!  


Everyone at CCHS is very excited about our brand new Doggie Sleepover Program!  This innovative program allows our dogs a chance for a short getaway from the Shelter, and will help to provide more information about the dog in a home environment.  This information can then help us to place the dog in a perfect forever home.   You can read more about the program below and then submit your application to have your very own Doggie Sleepover


CCHS is very pleased to release our Adoption Statistics for 2013.  We saw even more animals be adopted through CCHS in 2013, and we continue to be very proud of our work as a No-Kill Shelter.  Please take a look at the charts and especially take note of our Live Release Rate.



Did you know?  CCHS has been a No-Kill Humane Society since 1997.  Wow!!  We're so proud of the work we're doing and the lives we're saving, and we want to share the statistics with everyone.  Please click here to visit our page of Adoption Statistics where you can review seven years of statistics.  CCHS is very proud of the amazing difference we're making in so many lives!



**  Our Kitty City Cam is back!! Thank you for your patience while we worked to string new cable and replace the computer.  We're happy to say that you can now watch our cats and kittens in Kitty City once again! **

In our ongoing efforts to keep you entertained, CCHS is now broadcasting all the activity live from Kitty City! 
You can watch from the comfort of your own home or office, although we don't condone watching on company time.  :-)  You'll be entertained by the antics of all of the characters living in Kitty City
We're so excited to be able to share more of what Kitty City is all about.  It's a one of a kind place, and the cats and kittens just love it.  Many people never have the chance to visit CCHS.  Now you can see it all right here!  Just click on the picture above and it will take you to the live feed.  Enjoy!!



The Clark County Humane Society is overflowing with wonderful cats (and dogs too!) in need of new homes!  To help bring more attention to these great pets, adoption fees are being waived on cats over 6 months old.  The same adoption process and procedures apply.  You can check out all of our adoptable dogs and cats right here, and then submit your application online.  Kittens are excluded from this special event.  All adult cats will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, blood-tested, microchipped, dewormed, and treated for fleas/ticks.  It's a great chance to find your new best friend!  Don't miss it! 



Clark County Humane Society is very proud to announce a new life-saving program!  Clark County Humane Society has a new initiative to create a healthier environment for Central Wisconsin's feral cats.  Feral cats are cats that are most likely never going to be house pets.  They just don’t like to be handled or to hang out with people.  However, they are still fantastic cats in their own right, and need a chance to live out their lives in an environment where they are comfortable and happy. 

Central Wisconsin Feral Friends is a new program sponsored by Clark County Humane Society to achieve exactly that!  CCHS is seeking locations (primarily rural property owners) that are willing to provide just three things for these feral cats:  SHELTER, FOOD and WATER. 

CCHS will ensure that these cats are spayed/neutered, blood-tested, vaccinated for Distemper, Rabies and Feline Leukemia, treated for fleas and dewormed.

There is no fee to adopt. It is that simple to have a (free!) healthy barn cat, and to save a life in the process.

Please visit to learn more about the program and its benefits to everyone!  Spread the word! If you can help, sign up to shelter feral cats. If you'd like to participate by donating funds (not cats!), get in touch with the contacts below.  Together, we can make our world a healthier and happier place!

Central Wisconsin Feral Friends
at Clark County Humane Society
W3926 State Hwy 73
Neillsville, WI 54456
(715) 743-4550


Follow CCHS on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!



CCHS is on Facebook!  Follow us by clicking on the Facebook logo above!  Our Facebook Fan Page is now even more exciting, as we've just added our adoptable pets.  It's also where we feature our Happy Homes Photos, and there are lots of updates posted from our adopters and fans too.  Our Facebook fan page is at sure to sign up as a fan and then check back often to see what's been happening at CCHS! 


Did you happen to notice some other new buttons on the top of our webpage?  CCHS is now on Twitter and Pinterest!  We're just getting started, so it's a great time to join in!  You can follow us on Twitter - our username is @CCHSpetshelter.  We'll be tweeting about what's happening at CCHS and sharing pictures and other fun stuff!  We're also on Pinterest, with pinboards about CCHS, adoptable dogs, adoptable cats, and cute things we had to share.  Just click on any of the logos to check it all out and follow along with CCHS! 








Do you know what the item to the right is?  Do you know how to use it?  Can you find your way to CCHS?  THEN WE NEED YOU!!  Right now we have a great need for volunteers!  This time of year is always a challenge as we are short-handed due to vacations and summertime traveling.  But our cats and dogs still need to be cared for.  We could especially use help with cats during weekdays and dogs on weekends.  If you've ever thought about helping out at CCHS, now is the time!  Spending some time with the cats and dogs at CCHS really makes you feel good about helping out, and we'd be delighted to add you to our team of special people.  We'll provide all the training you need.  Our cats and dogs will provide all the appreciation and love you can imagine!  Please click here to go to our New Volunteer sign-up form.  Fill in all of the information and submit it.  Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you shortly and we'll get you started.  It's a great way to help make a difference for so many animals.  Don't wait!  Sign up today!! 

WANTED:  Kuranda Beds!

'Charity' shows how much she loves her Kuranda bed!

Our dogs love Kuranda beds!  They are so comfortable, and they help our dogs to be healthier, happier, and more relaxed.  They also help to make our cleaning easier.  We'd love for each of our dogs to have a Kuranda bed, but we just don't have enough.  Would you like to help our dogs?  Kuranda has a wonderful program that lets anybody donate a Kuranda bed to us.  By clicking on their logo below, you'll be taken to their website where you can order a Kuranda bed through their special Shelter program.  Prices are discounted by 28%, and they'll ship the bed directly to us.  It's a wonderful way to help our dogs enjoy their stay at our Shelter.  Our dogs say Thank You!!



Many dogs come in to CCHS as strays, having wandered off and lost their way home.  Unfortunately, only a few are returned back to their owners each month.  At CCHS, we really want to have more happy reunions!  To that end, we are working with some new ideas to help owners find their lost pets! 

We have started posting pictures of any lost pets that come to CCHS on our Facebook page.  You can just click here to go to to see pictures of the most recent strays.  We will be posting these pictures within 24 hours of the dogs' arrival at CCHS. There is also a photo album of all the stray dogs that have come to CCHS since April, 2011.  That can be seen by clicking here. 

We are also working with WCCN/Central Wisconsin Broadcasting to share information about lost pets.  They air "Pet Patrol" each weekday at 11:30 a.m. on station 1370 AM with information about lost pets.  They are also showing the photos of the stray dogs on their website and have added a link back to us on their site.  We truly appreciate their help! 

Please contact CCHS right away if you've lost a pet.  Even if it hasn't come to CCHS yet, having your information on file will enable us to get your pet back to you more quickly if it should come to the Shelter.  You may call the Shelter, email us, or post information on our Facebook page.  We hope to return many more lost pets back to their owners!    





Or Cheaper by the Dozen....  Anyway you put it, we all know that two kitties are better than one!  CCHS is happy to announce the return of our "2 for 1" Cat Sale!  If you are looking to adopt two cats or kittens, the adoption fee is waived on the second cat.  Plus, if not already altered, you'll be able to have the second cat spayed or neutered through our Fixapet program at no cost to you.  It's an amazing deal!  The two cats or kittens are required to live in the same home, and the reduced adoption fees are non-refundable.  Please stop in at CCHS to meet all of our cats and kittens.  There's never been a better time to add some new furry friends to your life!!

Charitable Money Market Account


Forward Financial Bank offers an opportunity to give back to your community through a Charitable Money Market Account (CMMA).
You can open a CMMA at Forward Financial Bank and specify CCHS as your charitable organization.  At the end of the year, the bank will donate .25 percent of your average balance to us.  This donation comes from Forward Financial Bank, so it doesn't come out of your pocket at all.  This money will go directly to helping animals in need right here at CCHS. 
We thank those Forward Financial Bank customers who have already selected CCHS as their preferred charity of their CMMA.  And we certainly thank Forward Financial Bank for offering this wonderful program.  We hope others will consider using this program to support CCHS.

FixaPet Program for Cats and Dogs

We are pleased to announce that our FixaPet program is now available for cats and dogs.  This low-cost spay/neuter program is available to anyone with a cat or dog that needs to be spayed or neutered.

Prices are:

           Cat Neuter    $50.00
           Cat Spay      $50.00
           Dog Neuter  $60.00
           Dog Spay    $80.00

This program is available to anyone from anywhere.  There are no restrictions. 

Click here for more details about our low-cost spay/neuter program!

Please contact a FixaPet Coordinator at the Shelter to make an appointment for your pet!  Just call CCHS at 715-743-4550 during our open hours of 12:00 - 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  
We'll be glad to help your pet!

We really enjoy some of the pet commercials we watch on TV, and we'd like to share two of them with you!  Pedigree has a wonderful ad about their Shelter program which features many actual Shelter dogs.  We commend them for supporting the work of Shelters everywhere.  And in case you were wondering, all of the dogs shown in the ad have been adopted to new homes!  PetSmart has a wonderful ad featuring "BoBo", one of our favorite toys.  You can't help but smile watching that one!
To view the ads, you must have Realplayer installed on your computer.
Then just click on the picture below, and enjoy!

Pedigree Shelter Ad
PetSmart "BoBo" Ad


ASPCA Ad featuring Sarah McLachlan

We absolutely love this ad. It is very powerful and almost brings us to tears each time we view it. The pets in the ad are real and so are their injuries. We want you all to know that the ad is produced by the ASPCA (the organization that brings us Animal Cops). We feel that they are a wonderful organization, worthy of your support. But, we also want you to know that the Clark County Humane Society deals with the very same sad cases. We have also experienced the tragic things that can happen to animals.

Our canine and feline residents here at the Shelter often include those with amputations, eyes missing, broken legs and spirits, etc. Some of the injuries are from accidents and others are caused by uncaring "humans". Whatever the cause, it's not the animals fault and we have always done our very best to help them in any way we can.

We ask that when you view this ad, you look at the animals eyes, think about the pain they must have been in to endure the injury and afflictions they have. Then think about how right here at the Clark County Humane Society you can help. Help us to care for those who need us most, the ones with no home, no family, no one to help them. That's what we do here. We take sad stories with likely tragic endings and turn them into happy futures with new loving families.

Come over to tour our Shelter during open hours and we'll be glad to show you the work being done here.  You may be so moved that you wish to join the team of kind and caring volunteers.  So, please, by all means, send a contribution to the ASPCA, but also remember the Clark County Humane Society right here in central Wisconsin too.



Please remember to use your Kwik Card at any Kwik Trip location to make purchases, especially your gasoline.  You'll earn a Kwik Card rebate of 3 cents per gallon of gas and 3% of your in-store purchases.You can then request that your rebate be donated to our organization. In addition, Kwik Trip will donate another 1% of your in-store credit purchases.  You can designate your rebate to go to CCHS by calling 1-800-305-6666 if you currently have a Kwik Card. Our Organization Number is 150283. If you do not have a Kwik Card yet, please go to to apply for one.This is an excellent way to help us raise money for the pets here and it doesn't cost you a penny.  Thank you for your help!!!!!

GoodSearch logo

Do you spend time on the Web searching for information?  Now you can help CCHS while you're doing it!  We've partnered with "GoodSearch" as a great new fundraiser to support our work with the animals!
This is a new and easy way to raise money for CCHS just by searching the Internet with  It's simple. You use like any other search engine — the site is powered by Yahoo! — but each time you do, money is generated for CCHS.  Each search will raise $0.01 for our cause.  That may not seem like much, but if we have 100 supporters searching the web two times a day using GoodSearch, it will raise $730 for CCHS.  And that's a lot of money to us!! 

Last year, search engines generated close to $6 billion in revenue from advertisers. With GoodSearch part of this advertising revenue will now be directed to our work.  We hope that not only will you use GoodSearch as your main search engine from here on out, but will also pass this message on to your friends and family. The more people who use this, the more money will go to help us.

Just click on the GoodSearch link above or below, and give it a try!  You can even add it to your toolbar as your preferred Search Engine.  Instructions can be found on the GoodSearch website.  Be sure to specify Clark County Humane Society as your charity of choice.  We think this is a great new way to raise money to help our cats and dogs.  Please try it out, and let us know what you think!!

GoodSearch animal banner

The Clark County Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and adoption of cats and dogs. A wonderful group of over 550 members, our goal is to assist the lost, surrendered, unwanted, and unloved cats and dogs of the area. We care for them as if they were our own beloved pets while we search for their rightful owners, or try to find them a suitable new home. All of our volunteers are so very proud that we are one of the few no-kill shelters in the state!

The Shelter is located 7.5 miles southeast of Neillsville, WI, on Highway 73. 
Our address is W3926 State Hwy 73, Neillsville, WI  54456.  Our mailing address is PO Box 127, Neillsville, WI  54456. 
CCHS welcomes you as a visitor to our facility anytime during open hours!

Open hours are 12-3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

If you would like to adopt a new member of your family, we always have a wonderful selection of friendly, healthy, clean, and well-cared for pets just waiting to share your heart and home. Please stop by and see all of the wonderful animals available for adoption!!!

CCHS Building

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